5 Fat Tuesday Restaurant Promotion Ideas

/ Foodservice Tips, Holiday, Restaurant Tips / February 21

Mardi Gras Mask Surrounded by Beads and Drink - Fat Tuesday Restaurant Promotions

During mardi gras, there’s one phrase to live by: “Laissez les bons temps rouler.” Translation? “Let the good times roll.” Fat Tuesday is the day before the beginning of Lent begins for many, and an all around day for celebrating by eating good food and partying. It’s the perfect time of year to let the good times roll in your restaurant by offering specials, promotions and more to set the tone and have fun. 

Here are five Fat Tuesday and mardi gras promotions to offer your customers this year.

Participate in Local Mardi Gras Parade

If your town is celebrating Fat Tuesday with a parade or event, consider participating in some way. Whether you sponsor a float, offer catering, or pass out coupons with food samples, it’s an excellent way to get the word out about your biz. It’s also an excellent way to provide community outreach and get potential new customers to come out and try your fare. Make sure you post on social media when you’re attending and how you’ll be celebrating. 

Give Out Beads

It’s mardi gras, after all! Throw out those classically-colored beads in true Fat Tuesday fashion. You can also use these sparkling baubles to decorate your restaurant, include in takeout orders, or give them out as guests walk into your establishment. For extra flair, you can also include venetian masks, fleur de lis or faux gold coins. 

Offer Free Themed Desserts

It’s not Fat Tuesday without some lip-smackin’ treats, right? Share the wealth by offering a free festive dessert or voucher for one. You can set up this promotion by either setting an amount goal (i.e. a free dessert with a $20 purchase) or by giving out vouchers ahead of time for customers to redeem during Fat Tuesday. As for the dessert, you can go with a host of mardi gras favorites like king cake or Polish pączki. And speaking of food…

Curate a Special Food & Drink Menu

Whip up a New Orleans-style menu especially for the occasion and include some tried and true favorites. If your restaurant specializes in seafood, consider serving up some Cajun-inspired seafood favorites; if you’re a sandwich shop, whip up some po’boys. And don’t forget handcrafted cocktails to go along with the main course! And be sure to carry over this fabulous fare to your to-go menu. 

Offer Take-Home Kits

For customers who want a takeout Fat Tuesday experience, offer up some meal or drink kits for preorder. Give your customers build-your-own po’boys, red beans and rice kits and gumbo ingredients with pre-portioned ingredients and instructions. You can even build out the meal kit menu to include desserts and cocktails (where permitted, of course). 

And if you need to, get your restaurant ready for Fat Tuesday with our huge selection of commercial kitchen supplies.

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