Holiday Flavors to Use This Season in Your Restaurant

/ Holiday, Restaurant Tips / December 10

Holiday Drink with Candy Canes-5 Holiday Flavors to Use This Season in Your Restaurant

With the holidays fast-approaching, it’s time to start revamping your menu to incorporate the rich and inviting flavors of the season. If you’re searching for new festive items to offer your customers, then consider adding one—or all—of these classic holiday flavors to your menu. They’re sure to put you and your guests in the festive mood, and create a warm yuletide atmosphere in your restaurant.


Forever associated with Christmas, gingerbread is a staple this time of year. From gingerbread cookies to cakes and coffee, it’s absolutely everywhere. Gingerbread can be used in a multitude of warm drinks and desserts, and adds a “Home for the Holidays” touch to any menu. So consider incorporating it into cheesecakes, mini gingerbread loaves, coffee drinks and more.


Another classic holiday flavor is eggnog, popular for its incorporation of festive spices and creamy texture. Not only can you drink eggnog, but you can add it to just about every section on your menu! Use it to make indulgent pancakes or french toast for breakfast-lovers, spike it for happy hour, or incorporate it into frosting on some festive desserts.


No holiday menu is complete without at least a dash of peppermint. The sweet, frosty flavor is the perfect treat to enjoy during the cold winter months, evoking images of snowy Christmas mornings. Pair peppermint with chocolate in a variety of ways, from mochas to hot chocolate and desserts. Incorporate peppermint schnapps into your drink specials and compliment the cocktail with a mini candy cane. You can even use peppermint as a garnish for added that Christmas flair.


Cranberry is often the unsung hero of the holidays, but it’s sweet and tart flavor is an excellent compliment to many savory dishes. Cranberry also pairs exceptionally well with orange, and can be used on cooked ham for a tangy glaze. You can use cranberry and orange to make delicious scones. While cranberry can hold its own, it definitely works well with others, so try pairing it with other flavors like apple, cinnamon, maple or even gingerbread.


An oldie but a goodie, chestnuts have been associated with the holiday season for generations, but is often overshadowed by some of the other aforementioned flavors. Perfect for both sweet and savory dishes, use chestnuts in dishes like soup, dressing, cakes and even lattes or hot chocolate. Or, if you really want to throw it back, offer roasted chestnuts for that classic “Christmas Song” touch.


This spice brings a special aroma and flavor to the holidays. Cinnamon can be used in a wide variety of ways on everything from sweet treats to savory dishes you associated with the season. You can use this as a key ingredient in cookies, sweet breads and cocktails, or it can be used in a collection of spices to glaze hams or roasts. The options are endless.

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