How To Design a Small Bakery Layout

/ Foodservice Tips / May 16

Small Bakery Layout - Entrance with table and chairs

Once you find the right space for your bakery, you’ll want to start creating the floor plan that will represent your style and add convenience for your customers and staff. While this will seem like quite the process, it’s fairly simple. Follow our small bakery layout ideas and you’ll have a stylish and functional space to show off.

What Should Your Bakery Layout Include?

Creating a bakery design means making a list of your wants and needs. Not sure where to start? Any bakery floor plan should include plans for:

  • The Kitchen

  • Entrance

  • Prep areas

  • Dining areas

  • Waiting areas

  • Restrooms

  • Windows

  • Cashier stations

Types of Bakery Layouts

There are a few different bakery designs to choose from. The one you pick depends on the space, your style, and your needs. Take a closer look at the options and start building your dream bakery from there.

  • Angular floor plans include rounded displays for a more sophisticated style, though this means a bit less space for displaying goods.

  • Straight floor plans are highly customizable and less costly. Typically all displays and fixtures are placed at right angles to make use of all the space in the store.

  • Diagonal floor plans offer great visibility for everyone! They also ensure a smoother traffic flow as customers can weave between the cases.

  • Mixed floor plans create a fully customized bakery design. You can utilize rounded and angled displays to meet your style needs.

Think About Your Equipment

Take note of the equipment you’ll need and the best way to organize the stations in the back of the store. You’ll want a flow so that staff aren’t running into each other or taking over another workspace due to bad placement. Sketch out where you want certain work spaces or check out a few online floor plans such as the ones found on Apple Bakery Machinery.

Include Ample Space Inside and Out

Not only do you want plenty of space for the back of the store, you also want space for your customers to get around and sit comfortably. Make sure to include extra space for your customers to wait in line to order or wait for a table.

It’s critical to calculate the maximum capacity of your bakery based on your space and local building codes. This can vary due to location and type of bakery. We recommend following the capacity per guest guidelines (which may be further restricted because of COVID):

  • Full-Service Restaurant Dining: 12-15 square feet

  • Counter Service: 18-20 square feet

Consider a flowy bakery design by creating breaks in your aisles to ensure your customers know where to go and can find what they’re looking for easily. You can also explore outdoor seating plans to ensure there’s plenty of room for your customers to enjoy their sweet treats in good weather.

small bakery layout - display case with dessert

Displaying Your Craft

Having the proper displays for your baked goods is an important part of planning your layout. You want to place them in a well-lit area in a way that guests can keep the line moving while viewing all of your tasty bakery goods.

Executing Your Floor Plan

After you decide on the major placements in the kitchen and dining areas, you can get the official blueprints to get the process started. Make these plans a reality by getting in touch with designers, electricians, plumbers and architects. Having a few professionals can help building the bakery layout you want much easier and safer.

Bake in Your Style

Once you have your bakery kitchen layout set up, you can focus on decorating. Keep in mind your bakery logos and theme. Choose the colors and decor that best fit your wants and needs. Add some personal touches that will have your customers admiring the new space.

You’ll also want to ensure you pay attention to the small details like lighting. Keeping your bakery well lit will be something your customers thank you for. If you need help, you can always consult an interior designer for advice. They can help you decide on bakery layout design aspects such as:

  • Lighting

  • Color schemes

  • Decor

Show Off Your Small Bakery Layout

When everything is said and done, don’t hold back. Post about it on your social media accounts. Spread your excitement! Get other people excited and ready to come in to see it themselves. While visiting, they can satisfy their sweet tooth with some healthy and delicious treats.

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