Making Your Parts Ordering Smooth & Hassle-Free

/ Commercial Kitchen Parts / September 28

Our goal at Parts Town is to make your parts ordering as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Toward that end, here are a few tips to help simplify the process for you.

After you place your first order with us, you’ll be assigned a seven digit account number in our computer database. This is a great piece of information to hang on to, because it helps us identify your account when you place future orders, and if you’re able to provide it, your representative will be able to access your account more quickly. Your account number can be found on any invoice or packing list you’ve received from us, or you can always ask a representative to look it up for you.

If you’d like, you can also keep a record of the representatives you speak to when you call. Each Parts Town account has a devoted team of customer service agents assigned to manage your experience, but working with the same person each time allows that representative to develop a familiarity with your company and your specific needs. You can ask for your representative by name, and if he or she is not available, the receptionist will offer to transfer you to someone else on the team.

Let us know what kind of shipment you prefer. Parts Town’s standard practice is to ship all in-stock items at UPS ground rate the same day they’re ordered, and then ship back ordered parts as they arrive in. However, we’re happy to alter this to meet your needs. Just let us know if you prefer a FedEx shipment, an overnight shipment, a complete shipment, or any other variation, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Finally, take a few moments to visit and see what our website can do for you. Registered users can access information from any order they’ve ever placed with us, which can be very helpful if you want to re-order a part you’ve gotten in the past. You can also create a catalogue of parts you order regularly, essentially customizing a personalized store for yourself, and check the status of orders you haven’t yet received. If you prefer not to register, you’re still welcome to use the website for help with parts identification or to place orders.

Parts Town is constantly on the lookout for more ways to enhance your experience. Stay tuned!

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– Kat Helgeson

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