Mother’s Day Restaurant Menu Ideas

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Mother's Day Restaurant Menu Ideas - Pancakes and Berries

Mother’s Day is all about thanking mothers for what they do, so it’s the perfect opportunity to treat your mom to something nice. Many restaurant owners recognize the opportunity to hold a special event or serve a brunch buffet, but they don’t know what to put on the menu.

If you’re looking for inspiration, these Mother’s Day restaurant menu ideas will help. By offering delicious brunch, lunch, dessert and drink options that use spring flavors and bright colors to celebrate the day, you’re sure to attract guests and make sales.

Brunch Ideas

If you want to attract a lot of people to your restaurant on Mother’s Day, a late-morning brunch is one of the best ways to do it. If you need menu ideas, here are some you may want to consider.

Breakfast Favorites

  • Waffles – Since spring is in the air, consider serving waffles with whipped cream and fresh berries.

  • French Toast – Berry-flavored syrups would make your Mother’s Day French toast extra special.

  • Pancakes – Chocolate chip or lemon ricotta versions would be crowd-pleasers.

  • Dutch Baby Pancakes – Although not ideal for a brunch buffet, these skillet-sized pancakes are definitely conversation-starting.

Eggs and More

  • Eggs Benedict – Eggs Benedict is elegant enough to make a Mother’s Day brunch feel special.

  • Quiche – Consider adding spring vegetables like asparagus for more color and flavor.

  • Breakfast Casserole – Try baking the egg, meat and cheese mixture in muffin pans to make serving easier.

  • Canadian Bacon – Less greasy than sausage or regular bacon, Canadian bacon is great for those who want a lighter option.

Breakfast Bakery

  • Bagels – Add cream cheese and jam for those who want something sweet or smoked salmon, cream cheese and veggies for people who want something savory.

  • Muffins – Blueberry, lemon or banana nut would be perfect for this time of year.

  • Scones – If you have clotted cream, be sure to serve it with your scones. Otherwise, butter and jam or jelly are more than enough.

  • Croissants – Buttery, flaky croissants make any meal feel special.

Mother's Day Restaurant Menu Ideas - Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict would be an elegant addition to any Mother’s Day restaurant menu.

Lunch Ideas

Although Mother’s Day restaurant menus are usually filled with breakfast foods, it’s good to offer lunch options, too. Your restaurant’s guests want both good food and good conversation, so light yet delicious foods that don’t weigh down their stomachs are ideal. Great options include:

  • Bread Bowl Soup – Elevate broccoli and cheese or chicken and wild rice soup by serving in an edible bowl.

  • Tea Sandwiches – Dainty, crustless sandwiches with egg or chicken salad are perfect finger food for a buffet.

  • Salads – For lighter yet still delicious fare, mandarin orange chicken and strawberry spinach with walnuts are good salads to add fresh, spring-inspired flavors to the menu.

  • Wraps – Turkey and avocado or ham and swiss are simple to prepare and easy to eat.

  • Flatbread Pizza – By keeping the crust thin, you can serve pizza while keeping things light. For healthy toppings, try chicken and veggies.

Mother’s Day Desserts

A holiday is a good reason to indulge and enjoy something sweet. Spring is in full swing by Mother’s Day, so light, fruity and refreshing desserts are perfect, such as:

  • Berry Cobblers – With summer right around the corner, a juicy berry cobbler–especially strawberry cobbler–is the perfect way to celebrate. 

  • Strawberry Cheesecake – Cool, smooth and creamy cheesecake with strawberry sauce is great for restaurant guests who want to indulge.

  • Strawberry Shortcake – To make serving easy, layer strawberries, whipped cream and angel food or pound cake in individual cups.

  • Ambrosia – Fruit salad with marshmallows and whipped cream is a good gluten-free option.

  • Yogurt Parfait – To give your guests a lighter option, layer fresh berries, low-fat yogurt, and granola in individual serving cups for both portion control and easy serving.

Mother's Day Restaurant Menu Ideas - Yogurt Parfait with Berries

Yogurt parfaits with berries and granola is a good addition to any Mother’s Day restaurant menu.

Mother’s Day Drinks 

A refreshing drink is a nice addition to any meal, so make sure you add cool, colorful and refreshing drinks to your Mother’s Day restaurant menu. If you need ideas, try offering:

  • Iced Tea – Garnishing each glass with a lemon or lime wedge would add nice color.

  • Orange Juice – To make it extra special for Mother’s Day, add a bit of pineapple, mango or peach juice.

  • Pink Lemonade – A splash of grenadine or cranberry juice gives classic lemonade a light pink hue. For a hot pink color, food blogger Monique Kilgore of recommends adding a few drops of beet juice.

  • Strawberry Basil Soda – Boil strawberry puree with sugar and basil, then mix with carbonated water. Serve with sprigs of fresh basil for a beautiful red and green color combination.

  • Aguas Frescas – “Cool Waters” in Spanish, these Mexican drinks are known for their bright colors and refreshing flavors like purple hibiscus and orange cantaloupe.

  • Mimosas / Sangria – Mixing wine with fresh fruit or juice is sure to be a hit on Mother’s Day.

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