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/ Parts Town News & Announcements / May 29

Parts Town’s goal is to change the restaurant equipment parts industry by identifying and creatively solving problems faced by our customers. Every single thing we dream up is designed to make your parts buying experience the best it can be. We’ve come a long way, thanks to the innovative solutions we’ve pioneered over the years.

  • With a thorough listing of parts for customer convenience, our website has become a one-stop place for our customers to both identify the parts they need and place orders. has become a widely used tool for technicians, distributors, and restaurateurs alike, to help our industry counterparts do their jobs better and more efficiently.

  • App. The Parts Town app, containing over 15,000 parts manuals from a vast array of different food equipment manufacturers, is easy and convenient to use. It takes less than a minute to select the manufacturer and model number of the machine you’re working on, and the manual you need appears right on your mobile device. Thanks to the Parts Town app, you can email or print manuals right from your phone. You can also search for and purchase parts directly from the app. Just enter your manufacturer and model number to view the part using our breakthrough PartSPIN technology.

  • Mobile site.  Pull up on your mobile device and you’ll see an adjusted version of the site for easy viewing that still allows you to research and order parts. What could be more convenient for a restaurant owner or technician on the go? Search through manuals, images, realtime inventory. Access your custom parts catalog and equipment lists and check your special pricing. View parts with our exclusive PartSPIN technology, and even purchase parts wherever you go. It will become an indispensable part of the way you work.

  • Interactive Diagrams. No more toggling back and forth between diagrams and part information – our interactive manuals do all the work for you. Simply place your mouse on a number that corresponds to a part on the interactive parts diagram and you’ll see a high quality image, available inventory, and your price. You can even add the item to your cart directly from the diagram. You can access over 10,000 parts , manuals, diagrams, and breakdowns from the top food equipment manufactures all in one place at

  • PartSPIN™. PartSPIN™ is 360 degree advanced viewing technology that allows you to view parts as if you were actually holding them in your hand. Now you can spin and flip the image to see the part from all angles, making it easy to verify that you’ve got the correct part before you order! You can also zoom in on the part to get a closer look. With over 25,000 parts and counting photographed using PartSPIN, Parts Town is excited to bring you this new way of looking at parts. PartSPIN is now on desktop and mobile devices – simply visit and take it for a spin!

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