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/ Commercial Kitchen Parts / October 26

When last I wrote, we here at Parts Town were packing up to leave our old premises. Full to bursting, we’d gotten tired of stacking parts on top of other parts and having to squeeze between each others’ desks to reach the break room. As we bid farewell to our old home, I departed for a week-long vacation, knowing I’d be coming back to an entirely different workplace.

Well. From the moment I arrived at Parts Town 2.0, it became clear that the winds of change had swept through the office in my absence. Our new building is larger than we currently need, although we’re sure that won’t last long (after all, we’ve outgrown several progressively larger buildings to date!) We employees have been installed at brand new desks and outfitted with the fancy trappings of a modern office. Our warehouse is so huge that I can’t even wrap my head around it. I’ve been back for a week and I haven’t even seen the whole thing yet, and I spent a solid half hour back there today.

Obviously, I’m very excited about all this.

But my excitement notwithstanding, we’re not really doing this for our own benefit. The changes we’ve made have all been with our customers in mind. A larger office gives us the potential to hire more personnel, allowing us to grow our staff as our customer base expands. The vast warehouse allows us to stock a multitude of parts, making it ever easier to ship out the items you need as soon as you need them. We even have a fancy new pickup window to accommodate those local customers who wish to place parts on will-call.

Parts Town is now located at 1150A North Swift Rd in Addison. Our contact information remains the same, as do our business hours of 7 am – 7 pm Monday through Friday.

– Kat Helgeson

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