Touchless Solutions for Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants

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Person Using Touchless Device-Touchless Solutions for Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants

Touchless, or hands-free technology not only makes life easier for users, but it also helps keep commonly-used items more sanitary. Hands-free solutions can reduce the spread of germs and other contaminants, especially in commercial foodservice settings like restaurants, bars, hotels, quick service and more, which provides an additional level of safety for staff and customers.

Below are some touchless or hands-free solutions to use in a commercial kitchen or restaurant.

Touchless Drink Dispenser Solutions 

While drink stations are convenient, their surfaces are touched often, which doesn’t make for a particularly sanitary situation. Even though they can—and should—be cleaned and wiped down regularly, having that extra security net will make the process easier and safer in the long run.

When adapting beverage dispensers with hands-free accessories, there are many options. One of the most popular items are push handle adapters, which allow staff and guests to dispense drinks like coffee, tea and more by pushing the edge of a cup against the dispenser handle.

Manufacturers like Bunn and Wilbur Curtis offer items like dispenser adapters and more to make drink dispensing equipment more sanitary.

Bunn, for instance, not only offers both push-style faucets and easy-to-install faucet adapters, but they even have anit-microbial film that can be placed on surfaces that have to be touched, and offer Tap-Kins—recyclable paper slips that are perfect for handling tap handles germ-free.

Wilbur Curtis offers two styles of touchless drink adapters, the Styliz and Classi. These are simple to install and allow the user to push their clean cup against a plate to dispense the beverage.

Hands-Free Condiment Dispensers

Another often-used foodservice item—especially in self-service stations—are condiment dispensers. While they allow the customer or user a level of control, condiment dispensers can also potentially pose a health risk from contact alone.

A great solution for this is the Server Touchless Condiment Dispenser, which allows the user to dispense the exact portion they want with just the wave of a hand. It’s dispensing field ranges from 1” to 6” from the sensor eye so that unintentional dispensing doesn’t occur, meaning the product doesn’t get accidentally wasted.

With a small countertop footprint, it’s the perfect size for any self-service station or to-go area, which can also prove useful in the back-of-house. The Server Touchless Condiment Dispenser also has the ability to dispense any type of condiment—thin to thick—from mustard to ketchup to mayo.

Touchless Sensor Faucets

Perfect for restrooms and commercial kitchens alike, touchless faucets make the task of washing hands, produce and more safer and hassle-free. Thanks to the built-in sensor, the faucet is activated when the user places their hands under the faucet spout, making it completely contactless.

One leader in the commercial faucet category is T&S Brass, which offers two different lines of touchless faucets: the 5EF and EC series. Both series offer multiple styles of faucets—from gooseneck to rigid, deck and wall mounts and more—while sporting accurate and useful sensor eyes to allow for a completely hands-free experience. On top of health and safety, these sensor faucets offer additional benefits, such as reducing water consumption and streamlining the necessary task of hand-washing.

Learn more about other essential safety products for restaurants and commercial kitchens, and additional tips on keeping your business and customers safe.

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