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AmerCareRoyal 5991 Gants Bordés De Troupeaux En Caoutchouc, Sans Poudre, Smal 120P

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AmerCareRoyal 5991

These Neptune Latex Gloves are powder free. They are a perfect household glove. Each pair of gloves comes individually wrapped, which helps to avoid contamination. These gloves are flock lined with beaded cuffs, and they are easy to put on and remove. Small.
  • Superior tactile sensitivity, exceptional tensile strength and great tear and puncture resistance
  • Made of 100% premium quality natural rubber latex
  • Provide unequaled resistance to acids, salts, caustics, animal fats, alcohols, and detergents
  • The cotton flock lining increases user comfort and makes them easy to put on and take off
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