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How PartPredictor Can Help You

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Choose With Confidence

The main ingredient of PartPredictor is real data from successful repairs done by experienced technicians in the field. All of that info is sorted and organized with AI to present you with parts most frequently used for your equipment’s issue.

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Save Some Time

When equipment is down, it needs to be repaired immediately. There simply isn’t time to waste researching the problem and then spend more time finding the parts needed. With PartPredictor, choose the equipment’s issue and you’ll see the real OEM parts that have been most successful in fixing the problem. Back to business even faster!

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Improve First-Time Fix Rate

This innovative tool has been created based on several years of experience and millions of actual repairs from trained technicians, so it will help techs to feel more prepared with the right parts on hand, already stocked in the van. That means techs can move to the next call faster and equipment operators and owners will experience less downtime for critical equipment!


No, this tool is intended only to find the most successfully used, real OEM parts based on the issue or issues you share with us. This is not a diagnostic tool.

You might. Make sure to go over the full list of parts shown. If you own or operate equipment, we highly recommend hiring a trusted service company to assist you with repairs.

Hey, the service techs we know are pretty fantastic, but they can’t remember every part needed for every job, right? This tool can help technicians know what parts they need for a specific job, but it can also help them decide what “top parts” to stock in service vans. That can only help to improve first-time fix rate.

Wow! We admire your enthusiasm. The best idea is to ask a service technician for help. If you are a service technician, then, yes, you should probably install the parts yourself. 😉

Great question! We’ve compiled data from millions of real successful repairs done by technicians in the field. This is several years of experience being passed along to you. We’re harnessing the power of AI to present the real OEM parts that have been most
successful in the past. Updated data will be added regularly to increase accuracy and make sure the results shown are always relevant.

This is the percentage of times the part or parts shown resulted in a successful repair for that exact model and equipment issue.

Many people get confused about this one. Your shows possession. Your pencil, your heart, your dog. You’re is a contraction for you are. You’re late, you’re the best, you’re going to love PartPredictor!