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AmerCareRoyal Bib De Lien Royal Pour Adultes 14 "X 21,25" Design De Homard, P ATB24-25A-C

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AmerCareRoyal ATB24-25A-C

The Adult Tie-On Bib With Lobster Design, featuring enduring crepe paper construction, provides a high absorbing surface for avoiding spilling liquids from running down to customers' clothes. This stylish adult bib finds great support with the laminated poly backing which ensures that any leakage does not make its way through. These Adult Tie-On Bibs With Lobster Design are perfect for use at homes and restaurants while having messy foods like spaghetti, ice cream and desserts.
  • Material: White crepe paper construction
  • Laminated poly backing
  • Size: 21.25" L x 14" W
  • Colors Available: White
  • Lobster design

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