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AmerCareRoyal CCBHP13113 Pan De Demi-Taille Boîte De Restauration Ondulée 50Pk

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AmerCareRoyal CCBHP13113

Insulated Keep food hot in transit with these corrugated catering boxes. The corrugated materials with vents keep food hot without getting soggy from the moisture. Prevents Messes This size gives a half-sized pan a secure fit to prevent any spills or messes. A Sturdy angled design allows for secure transport of prepared food in foil pans and helps maintain food integrity during delivery and beyond. Stackable for Easy Storage The flat-top allows you to stack multiple boxes on top of one another to save space. The plain white design means you can add a stamp or sticker ofyour logo for extra personalization.
  • Easily transport
  • Fits 1 standard halfsteam pan
  • Corrugated
  • 50 per case
  • 13” Lengthx 10-7/8” Widthx 3” Depth (inches)
  • Insulates food
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