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Bunn 12422.0001 Collier de serrage pour tuyau, type Snap, DI 0,59"/66"

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Bunn 12422.0001 Pièce détachée

A Bunn 12422.0001 Hose Clamp tightens hose and tubing connections within a coffee brewer or dispenser, making sure the unit operates safely and reliably without any leaks.

  • Real OEM hose clamps are designed and tested by the manufacturer to fit and function with your unit perfectly
  • Fits popular models, such as the AF PR-2, CDBCFP and LCA-2A, among others (please see FITS MODELS below for a complete list)
  • Common Equipment Type: Coffee Machine
  • Type: Snap
  • Dimensions: 59"/66" ID