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Produits chimiques de nettoyage

For the type of heavy-duty stains that occur in most kitchens, standard soap and water isn’t going to cut it. This is why Parts Town stocks some of the best options cleaning chemicals to keep your working area sterile, bright, and neat. Whether you’re looking for restaurant, industrial or commercial cleaning solutions, we carry a wide variety of options designed to eradicate even the most stubborn stains and sanitize any space.

Commercial Cleaner Products

It can be difficult to find effective cleaning options. You want something that’s fast acting, effective and can provide residual protection. What’s more, these concerns become more and more necessary the busier your cooking environment or business is. Parts Town has options that meet these criteria and more, such as:

  • Disinfectant Cleaning and All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes
  • Degreaser and Dish Soaps
  • Commercial floor cleaners

From sanitizing hard-to-reach areas to cleaning your pots and kettles, most restaurants and industries need a variety of commercial cleaner products to tackle their messes. Our selection is designed to ensure that all your cleaning needs can be met, whether you want a fast-acting formula to penetrate encrusted grease on your kitchen tools or your dishes looking sparkling clean with a pleasant – but not overpowering - fragrance.

For more convenient and fast options, we also carry disinfectant cleaning spray that enables you to sanitize and deodorize on the fly. Looking to clean nonporous surfaces? Our all-purpose wipes are safe to use on food contact areas.