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Cres Cor 0519114LCK Ensemble de remplacement pour charnière

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Cres Cor 0519114LCK Pièce détachée

A Cres Cor 0519114LCK Hinge Replacement Kit enables users to open the door or lid on a holding cabinet easily and fully, giving them easy access to the unit’s interior for cleaning, maintenance or other tasks.

  • Real OEM hinges are designed to fit your exact piece of equipment, meaning you can rest assured that it's running safely at all times
  • Fits popular models like H138NPS36CLCMQRL (see FITS MODELS below for complete list)
  • Common Equipment Type: Merchandising Hot Cabinets
  • Type: Lift Off
  • Features: Self Closing
  • Quanity: Set of 2
  • Includes 12 Screws
  • Location: Door
  • Color: Gray