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Pièces pour tables à vaisselle

Keep your dishes and countertops clean and clear with the available dishtable parts at Parts Town.

Pièces pour tables à vaisselle

Dishtable Equipment Parts

We offer a variety of dishtable undershelves and accessories from a wide range of brands. Here are just a few of the brands we work with to get OEM parts:

  • Moyer Diebel
  • Salvajor
  • Stero

We offer dishtable accessories such as undershelves, scrap blocks and sorting racks to help you better utilize your unit. Need new feet or leg sets? We have those in stock as well. Upgrade your kitchenware to better suit your needs.

Parts Town is proud to offer genuine OEM parts and dishtable accessories to ensure a quality fix using equipment and supplies that comes straight from the manufacturer. Browse out OEM inventory today to find the legs, belt guides and more you may need.

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