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Duke 201404 Charnière, Thermotainer, Kason

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Duke 201404 Pièce détachée

A Duke 201404 Hinge makes sure the door to a piece of foodservice equipment stays shut when users aren’t accessing the unit, preventing accidental openings that could result in injury.

  • With real OEM hinges, you can experience peace of mind that they not only fit but also keep the unit operating efficiently and safely
  • Fits popular models like 2653P, 2602P, 2452 and more (see FITS MODELS below for complete list)
  • Hinge Brand: Kason
  • Common Equipment Type: Electric Food Warmers
  • Includes 3 Bolt Holes
  • Thermotainer
  • Color: Gray
  • Longueur:
    5.9 en / 14.99 cm
  • Largeur:
    2.9 en / 7.37 cm
  • Hauteur:
    1.3 en / 3.30 cm
  • Poids:
    0.37 lbs / 168 g