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Hospeco Scens Que Les Sacs De Doublure Réceptable Universels 500 / Ct LBSF500HD

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Hospeco LBSF500HD

LINER,SCNT,1MIL,CLR,500, Scensibles Universal Receptable Liner Bags, 12.5x23 With 7.5"" Wrap Around Strap, High Density Polyethylene, White, 500/carton
  • Features the SecureFit360® liner for safe removal of waste.
  • Wraparound handle eliminates the need to reach into receptacle to remove the liner.
  • Bag opens fully to completely line receptacle.
  • Embedded with fragrance.
  • Built-in antimicrobial agents inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria on the liner.
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