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The Parts Town online Marketplace is a platform for suppliers and distributors, like you, to sell products on to millions of relevant buyers. As an approved seller, you'll have the opportunity to increase your revenue and reach when you take advantage of our online traffic, ecommerce platform and marketing expertise. Marketplace will give your business a huge boost!

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Why a Marketplace

Our customers are looking for real OEM parts, accessories, consumables and more. Instead of visiting many different sites, our customers can shop the Marketplace to find everything they need in one convenient place. Let's mix your product and distribution expertise with our digital capabilities and customer base to create an extraordinary combination.

We're Here to Support Your Success

Rely on our digital and marketing expertise to increase your sales. We'll launch marketing campaigns to highlight your products. When we work together, everyone wins.

Customer Base
Online Presence
Sales & Marketing

Here's What You'll Have Access to When Partnering with Parts Town

predicted views of by the end of 2021
in web visits
year over year
visits to
per year
mobile app downloads
and growing

Millions of Customers Waiting for You!


Getting the Word Out

Our data-driven, integrated marketing creates:

Customer Retention
and Loyalty
Product and Brand
OEM vs. Generic
More Sales

A Real Commitment to OEM, All the Time

For over 15 years, we have focused on winning the genuine OEM market share in the digital space. If you're looking to expand your OEM parts revenue, we'll share the secrets of our success like breakthrough innovations, user-friendly parts ID tools, in-depth product data and our own unique brand of digital marketing. Share this journey with us, so your business can grow and thrive in the same way. We only want the best for our customers and for you, our new partner.

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How Marketplace Benefits You

Quickly and Easily Reach More Customers

Your products and brands will be showcased to millions of relevant customers.

Low Risk

No upfront fees or subscription fees. No cost to you until your products sell. No long-term commitment, but we think you'll want to stay - it's just so easy!

You Run the Show

You choose the products you want to sell in approved categories and set the prices and shipping methods. We'll handle the transactions, including collecting and remitting tax on your behalf.

Here's How Marketplace Works for Sellers

Step 1:
Apply to Be a Marketplace Seller
Step 2:
List Your Approved Products
Step 3:
Fill Your Orders
Step 4:
Enjoy Your Payday
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are two categories of products:

    1. Genuine OEM replacement parts for equipment, like HVAC, Laundry, Residential Appliances and more. OEM parts are our specialty, so use our parts ID and sales expertise to your advantage!

    2. Top-quality products related to our current customer base: technicians and foodservice customers. Here are some examples: Janitorial and Sanitation Supplies, Smallwares, Tabletop Equipment, Light Equipment, Technician Supplies, Tools and Testing Instruments – contact us for the full category list.

  • You’ll be paid on a monthly basis. Your monthly earnings will be based on shipments from the previous month. For example, on February 7th, you’ll be paid for all of the orders you shipped in January. We’ll share all the specifics during the onboarding process.

  • The great news is there are no upfront fees or subscription fees. We take a referral fee from the sale of each order. The referral fee is based on the product category of the item(s). This fee goes towards marketing and sales initiatives like customer lifecycle campaigns, email marketing, proactive sales and outreach, search, shopping and more, to bring your brand and products to millions of new and relevant customers.

  • You will be partnered with a Marketplace Cheerleader (AKA: Onboarding Manager) that will give you all the details and help you get started. Once you’re good to go, a dedicated PARTnership Builder will be able to assist and even make recommendations to guide you toward major success.

  • While we can’t help you with that, we think you always look great. You do you!

Make Marketplace Your New Online Home

Online shopping around the world has increased dramatically in just the last two years. It's the perfect time to partner with us and enhance your online business! You can rely on our industry-leading digital platform to get your products in front of millions of relevant customers through strong marketing and the best, personalized customer service in the business.

Get ready, your revenue is about to soar!
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