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Pièces pour rayonnage

Fix broken equipment with Parts Town’s rack & shelf parts.

Pièces pour rayonnage

Rack & Shelf Replacement Parts 

A broken shelf, whether in an oven, refrigerator or something else, can upset workflow and cause delays. When that happens, turn to Parts Towns. We offer shelf and rack parts from reputable brands like:

  • Metro shelving parts 
  • Intermetro shelving parts 
  • Baxter rack parts 

Be it a restaurant, bakery, fast food venue or coffee shop, it’s imperative to have a place to go for rack and shelf replacement parts. Parts Town is your one-stop shop for all your commercial equipment and replacement parts needs. Whether you need a new metal rack to store your bakery goods or a replacement wire shelf for your refrigerator or oven, you can find real OEM parts in our most in-stock catalog on the planet.

Parts Town won’t keep you waiting. That’s because we offer same-day shipping on all in-stock rack and shelf parts as long as you order before 9 PM ET Monday-Friday. Want to get ahead of repairs? Then check out our vast collection of model-specific diagrams and manuals for troubleshooting and maintenance tips.