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Pièces pour séchoirs à salade et pour essoreuses

No matter if you need an automatic or a manual commercial salad spinner, Parts Town can get you the supplies you need for clean and dry salad.

Pièces pour séchoirs à salade et pour essoreuses

Salad Preparation Equipment & Parts

After washing your lettuce, use a handy salad dryer or salad spinner from one of these reputable brands we sell at Parts Town:

  • Eurodib
  • Mannhart
  • Kelvinator

Manual commercial salad spinners are a great tool to have on hand when prepping salads for side dishes or even main courses. When you're in need of food equipment parts such as salad spinner parts, choose us to help you find the genuine OEM pieces you need.

Whether you need salad preparation equipment or another commercial kitchen tool, Parts Town offers a wide variety of supplies and parts to ensure you have everything you need when you need it. Since we have the most in-stock inventory, we offer same day shipping on all in-stock items until 9 PM EST Monday-Friday.