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Silver King 63455 Ensemble de bobine d'évaporateur, Skf/R P27 Skpz27/D/Skf3

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Silver King 63455 Pièce détachée

A Silver King 63455 Evaporator Coil Assembly functions as cold surfaces that absorb heat from the surrounding environment, causing the refrigerant inside them to evaporate.

  • Real OEM condenser and evaporator coils fit the exact specifications of the equipment, helping it operate safely and efficiently at all times
  • Fits popular models like SKF27A, SKF27B/CQ, SKR27A and more (see FITS MODELS below for complete list)
  • Common Appliance Type: Refrigerator/Freezer
    • Longueur:
      28 en / 71.12 cm
    • Largeur:
      8 en / 20.32 cm
    • Hauteur:
      8 en / 20.32 cm
    • Poids:
      7.2 lbs / 3266 g