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Wells P2-Z16754 Thermostat capillaire, 96"

Obsolète WELP2-Z16754 has been replaced by: WELSP2-Z16754
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Avertissement concernant la Proposition 65

Wells P2-Z16754 Pièce détachée

A Wells P2-Z16754 Thermostat thermostat helps save energy by cycling the heating elements or buners on and off, maintaining the temperature you desire.

  • Real OEM thermostats and hi-limits are designed to the equipment's specification, meaning it will run safely and avoid invalidating a unit's warranty
  • Fits popular models like SS10TUCI6120, SS10TDUI6120, SS10TDUI6 and more (see FITS MODELS below for complete list)
  • Common Equipment Type: Round Well Warmers
  • Dimensions: 96" Capillary
  • Color: Gray
  • Longueur:
    7.3 en / 18.54 cm
  • Largeur:
    6.65 en / 16.89 cm
  • Hauteur:
    2.25 en / 5.72 cm
  • Poids:
    0.55 lbs / 249 g