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Hats Off to the Core Team

/ Commercial Kitchen Parts / August 4

If you are a frequent Parts Town customer, chances are you’ve dealt with a member of Parts Town’s Core team – true paragons of customer service. The Core team, which I have mentioned previously in this space, consists of fifteen of Parts Town’s most dedicated and skilled... Read More

Genuine OEM - The Naked Truth

/ Commercial Kitchen Parts / July 29

At first glance, there’s not much difference between an OEM part and a generic substitute.  Many distributors, in fact, will tell you that there is no difference at all, apart from the fact that OEM parts might cost a bit more and generics might void your manufacturer warranty.  Today,... Read More

Growing Up With Parts Town - a memoir

/ Commercial Kitchen Parts / July 28

Legend has it that Parts Town was once a very small company. I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t there. I was finishing up my education in those days, and then testing my feet in the rather chaotic waters of the early-recession job market. Finding a place to work was not easy, and the jobs I did... Read More

About Us - Coming Soon!

/ Commercial Kitchen Parts / June 24

If you’ve spent any time perusing in depth, you may have noticed that the About Us section of our website is incomplete and out of date.  We are currently in the process of correcting that, and as a teaser, I offer you the following anonymous facts about Parts Town personnel:... Read More

Green Up Your Act!

/ Commercial Kitchen Parts / June 3

So, it looks like this Green Movement is here to stay. The moment of truth came for me when Parts Town technician and auto enthusiast Scott Maki informed me that used fryer oil could be repurposed as biodiesel fuel.  No kidding. It was with that in mind that I sought to compile a list of tips for... Read More