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Did you hear? Feeling pumped? This is a big deal: the new has launched! You’ll notice some improvements, but you’ll also notice things look pretty familiar, only better. We’re talking faster, more efficient and quite good-looking. Just check out the header that moves with you as you scroll down the page for easier navigation and search capability on the fly. No scrolling needed. Nice, right?

Who Doesn’t Like Better?

The new is updated to make it easy to use on a laptop, tablet, phone and anything in between. We’ve also improved our mobile browsing experience, so you can enjoy shopping on both our mobile site and the Parts Town app. Our app is the industry’s first, best and most downloaded, you should definitely check it out.

Another Breakthrough Innovation

Our serial number lookup tool makes finding the right parts quick and easy. When you enter your equipment serial number, all the parts for that piece of equipment will be shown. You can choose exactly what you need. You will see this helpful tool on our main homepage or on any participating manufacturers’ page – we’re adding more manufacturers all the time.

Give Me the Juicy Details

Look for more helpful information on our part pages, too! My Equipment and My Parts, (formerly known as My Catalog) are handy features that let you save a list of the equipment you manage and the parts and you need most often for easy reordering. The part pages also have an improved “Fits Models” section. It shows the complete list of equipment for which that part is compatible, along with part lists, manuals and interactive diagrams for all of those models.

Other New Highlights

  • New log in procedure – Log in with just your email address and password – usernames are so yesterday

  • Enhanced Smart Manuals – Scroll through each page, search by keyword, zoom in, share as a link, print as a PDF or print

  • Shop By Equipment Category, including fryer parts, ice machine parts, dishwasher parts and many more

  • Save Multiple Shopping Carts – Create and save multiple carts to keep different  jobs and locations organized, then share or edit as needed

  • Faster bulk order form that accepts copying and pasting for lightning-fast ordering

  • Search Suggestions – When you begin typing a keyword or part number, we’ll help you out by offering a few search suggestions, so you can find parts even faster

  • Quick Order – When you need to order a part fast, click “Order Now” on the part description page to skip a few steps and go right to checkout – just verify shipping and billing and you’re good to go!

We truly hope you enjoy the new website and all its features. Please contact us with feedback or suggestions. It’s really easy, select the red, smiley face button on the bottom right of any page on the website. Remember, we’ve designed things with you in mind, so your opinion counts! To learn even more about our new features, watch this informative video.

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