Zumex Speed Pro Juicer Troubleshooting & Error Codes

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Zumex Speed Pro Juicer Troubleshooting-Error Codes

Freshly made juice can be the hallmark of any restaurant or corner juice stand. Zumex makes a wide variety of Speed Pro models designed to make tons of beverages without skipping a beat.

In the rare case it displays errors or experiences an issue, our guide gives you common troubleshooting tips and error codes for Zumex Speed Pro Juicers. That way you can find the problem quickly and get this commercial juicer back to making delicious drinks in no time.

Code 01 – Cover

The code displays when the machines doesn’t properly detect the safety cover. If this occurs, check the following:

  • Cover placement – Make sure the cover is attached properly.

  • Side outlet placement – Make sure each side outlet is attached properly.

  • Cover magnet placement – Check if the cover’s magnet is attached properly or needs to be replaced.

  • Cover detector placement or damage – See if the cover detector is broken and needs to be replaced by an authorized technician.

  • Connected cables – Check the connected cables for damage. They would need to be replaced by an authorized technician.

Code 02 – Tray

The 02 code appears when the machine doesn’t detect the container. Look for the following to help correct the issue:

  • Container placement – Make sure the container is attached correctly.

  • Damaged or incorrect wire connection – The wire connection could be damaged or incorrectly installed. Have this corrected by an authorized technician.

  • Container detector placement or damage – Check if the container detector is broken or is damaged. If damaged, contact an authorized technician to repair or replace.

Code 03 – Motor Power

This code displays if the motor isn’t working at the proper voltage. You’ll need to check the mains voltage and electronics plate. The issues will need to be corrected by an electrician or authorized service technician.

Code 04 – Halt

The 04 code usually appears when electricity has been cut off. Check both the mains voltage cable and inner cable connections. If there appears to be broken cables or connections, a certified technician will need to repair the issue.

Code 05 – Overcurrent

This displays if the motor over-consumes power. Look for the following issues:

  • Blockages in the juice extraction system – Turn off the machine and remove any obstacles in the juice extraction system.

  • Hard fruit – Putting very hard fruits into the juicer could be overworking the unit.

  • Broken motor – If the motor is broken or experiencing difficulties, have the issues remedied by an authorized technician.

  • Improper cooling – Make sure the machine is cooling properly so it doesn’t overheat.

Code 06 – No Float

If the 06 code comes up, it means the machine doesn’t detect buoy. Check for the following:

  • Buoy out of position – If the buoy is out of position, align it into the correct position.

  • Tank out of position – Reposition the tank if it’s improperly installed.

  • Damaged detector – See if the detector is damaged. Have it repaired or replaced by an authorized technician.

  • Damaged wiring – If the wiring is damaged, have it replaced by an authorized technician.

Code 07 – Credit

If the counter limit is reached, the 07 code displays. Remedy by eliminating or reprogramming the counter limit.

Code 08 – Waste Limit

The 08 code also appears if the counter limit is reached. Press “OK” for a longer amount of time. You’ll hear a double beeping sound.

Check out our collection of Zumex manuals for more troubleshooting tips and error codes for Zumex Speed Pro Juicers.

Please contact an authorized service agent who can help with all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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