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Chafers, Chafing Dishes & Accessories

The success of your event or business comes down to delivering hot and fresh food, and chafers will not only keep food at the perfect temperature but also shine as the centerpiece of any buffet line. Parts Town has you covered with a range of chafer dishes and accessories designed to deliver the best meal possible. From stainless steel to copper to wood, our products suit any of your dining needs.

Food & Buffet Chafers

Whether you're organizing a buffet line or plan to dish the food out yourself, buffet chafers are essential for running a successful party or catering event. Stay ready with chafer pans and accessories, including:

  • Stainless Steel Chafers
  • Reclaimed Wood Alternative Chafers
  • Griddle Cooking Stations

Are you looking for chafing pans for your next event? Parts Town has the equipment you need to deliver food warm and ready to eat. Featuring products from the brands you know and trust, we have chafers in an array of styles including traditional stainless steel, copper lined and reclaimed wood, or search our products for chafer accessories to replace missing and broken pieces from the equipment you already have.

Parts Town also carries griddle cooking stations built with durability in mind to ensure they stand up to the difficult demands of everyday use. Once combined with our stainless steel soup stations, you can meet any catering demands. Check out our full selection for more options.