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There was a time when peanut butter and jelly didn’t know each other. Hot dogs weren’t served at baseball games and doughnuts had never heard of coffee. These were sad, dark days.

Then someone really smart said, “Hey, what if we put these things together?” Wow, what an innovative idea! New combinations were introduced, people’s minds were blown and history was made.

This is exactly what happened with Parts Town and Heritage Parts. Two industry leaders came together to create one super-charged, dynamite team to help you get real parts faster.

Heritage Parts is known for their stellar service, that secret sauce that sets them apart. A real connection to customers that comes from 30 years of experience, extensive training and a real passion for parts. The Parts Experts opened that bottle of sauce and shared with the team at Parts Town, so we could all learn exactly how to do it right. Now, we pour that previously secret sauce on everything – eggs, pizza, wings, pancakes…so good!

To celebrate and continue Heritage’s major achievements in customer service, we created an H Help button on our website to give you a straight connection to a friendly expert. When you need help or just have a question, all you have to do is click that button and you’re moments away from the answer you need. You could say we take it personally, because we do.
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When equipment is down, there just isn’t time to waste. You need to speak to someone one who knows the equipment in your kitchen and can help you to identify which real OEM part you need now. We save your equipment information, so we’ll know exactly what you’re talking about every time you reach out to us. Time is of the essence, so we’ll take good notes.

While it’s important to know all about foodservice equipment and parts, it’s just as important to create a solid partnership, or as we like to say, friendship with you. We love what we do and we like to get to know you, so you’ll feel comfortable and confident working with us. We’re not saying you have to invite us to your birthday party, but if you did, we’d be there. We love cake!

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We love to spend all day talking about equipment and parts. Really, we do! When we say personalized service, we mean it’s all about you, including the way you reach out:

  • Send us an email at [email protected]
  • Call or text us at 800.438.8898
  • Send a fax to 888.513.0259
  • Live chat with us online by clicking that H button

Some say it takes a village, we say it takes a Town. The largest inventory in the industry, cutting-edge technology and a real, personal connection…it’s all served here, family style.

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