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Food Preparation Equipment

Keep slicing and dicing all day long with our selection of food preparation equipment from Parts Town.

Food Preparation Equipment

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Pick the right microwave to prep your food and ingredients. Whether you need to reheat a meal or start defrosting frozen vegetables, there is a state-of-the-art microwave for you.



Refrigeration is an essential to keep food fresh and lasting longer. We carry large and small refrigerators available from brands you trust.


Coffee Makers

Keep mornings caffeinated with your favorite coffee makers. Whether you drink cappuccinos, lattes or espresso, everyone loves a cup of their favorite brew for the day ahead.


Hot Dog Grills

Make sure your hot dogs are cooked perfectly with the roller grills. These units will cook your hot dogs evenly and have them ready to serve in a warm, toasted bun.

Commercial Food Prep Equipment

Parts Town carries an extensive selection of commercial food prep equipment to keep your equipment running smoothly. Whether you need to slice, dice, mix or tenderize, we have the kitchen equipment you need to get the job done. We’ve got commercial blenders from brands like Hamilton Beach and KitchenAid, Larien bagel slicers, Crestware French fry cutters, Robot Coupe food processors and many other machines from numerous brands. If you need to prep food quickly and efficiently, we have the equipment you need to get the job done.

What Are Some Examples of Food Preparation Equipment?

The term “food prep equipment” is a general word referring to machines that process food by cutting, mixing, dicing or some other action. Some examples of food preparation equipment include blenders for making smoothies, bread slicers for cutting bagels, food processors for chopping vegetables, kitchen scales for weighing food and many more. Although kitchen staff members could perform tasks like grind meat or make pasta by hand, it’s faster, more efficient and more precise to use food prep equipment like meat grinders or pasta machines, especially in a busy restaurant kitchen. Top brands like KitchenAid, Hamilton Beach and Globe make commercial food prep equipment that can handle the workload of a commercial kitchen, so if you need a machine to do the work for you, we can help!