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Welcome to Addison Illinois

Pack Your Bags – You’re Going to


How did you win? That’s not important – you won!

Have you always wanted to rub elbows with real robots? Are you ready to have your mind blown by our state-of-the-art facility? Do you like to hang with nice people? Now is your chance to do all that for free!

What’s Included:

Roundtrip Airfare


Hotel Accommodations

Mystery, Intrigue,
Innovation and Fun!

See The Town!

Witness the Magic

See exactly how we’ll get your
products to customers!

Tour the Distribution Center

You have to see it for yourself!

Meet Our Robots

We ask that you NOT feed them.
Long story.

Get to Know Us

See our company’s history –
the writing’s on the wall!

Take in the sights of Addison, IL


  • Parts Town, of course!
  • Dave & Buster’s (it’s across the street!)
  • Exotic wild geese who answer to no one
  • The triumphant Addison water tower – wow!


Please answer a few questions to claim your free trip and we’ll do the rest! Insider tip: Bring comfortable shoes!