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Blurred Merchandiser Cold Cases—Convenience Store Cleaning Checklist

Keeping a convenience store clean and well-maintained is a vital daily and weekly task for any operator. Since c-stores see a lot of foot traffic and cater to a large number of customers, cleanliness needs to be a top priority day in and day out. From the front end to the gas pumps, the foodservice stations and cold cases, there are many areas of a convenience store that require attention. To help prioritize and expedite the cleaning process, we’ve compiled a helpful checklist you can implement in your convenience store to keep you business running smoothly, and your customers and employees happy and healthy.

Hourly Cleaning Tasks for Convenience Stores

There are many tasks that should be completed on an hourly basis to ensure your c-store stays spotless. These cleaning tasks help keep the store approachable for customers, keep high-traffic areas safe and maintain a sanitary environment.

  • Check and maintain restrooms—Perform hourly checks of the restroom(s) to ensure they stay clean and well-stocked on products. While a full scrub-down may not be necessary every hour on the hour, keeping these tasks in mind can better prepare employees so they know when it is necessary to complete them and to allot time to do so. For ease, consider utilizing an hourly checklist that employees sign off on, and incorporate common tasks like:

    • Wipe down countertops

    • Sinks

    • Replenish supplies as needed (toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc.)

    • Sweep floors

    • Empty trash can

    • Mop floors

    • Scrub toilets

  • Sweep the floors—Sweep entryways and walkways regularly to keep them free and clear for customers and employees. Also be sure to sweep around trash cans inside and outside the store, especially around gas pumps and attached trash cans.

  • Sanitize frequently-used surfaces—Sanitize countertops, door pulls/handles, and other frequently-touched areas of the store to prevent the spread of harmful germs to customers and employees.

  • Empty trash cans—Regularly empty trash cans inside the store, around the food station areas, by the gas pumps and in the restroom(s).

Daily Cleaning Tasks for Convenience Stores

These tasks should be performed every day at set intervals, whether that’s hourly, twice during a shift, and so on. But making sure they’re completed every day will keep your store running smoothly and maintain cleanliness

  • Clean and maintain food equipment—Regularly clean certain food equipment units regularly throughout the day as instructed by the manufacturer. If certain units require hourly checks and cleanings, incorporate those into the hourly cleaning checklist.

    • Wipe down hot dog rollers

    • Empty and wash coffee maker carafes and grounds bins

    • Empty and wash drip trays for beverage equipment

    • Clean mini ovens and trays to remove crumbs and other debris

    • Wipe down interior of microwaves

    • Wipe down surfaces around condiment dispensers

  • Clean windows, merchandiser windows and clear acrylic barriers—Cleaning clear surfaces will rid them of visible handprints, fingerprints and grime that can accumulate throughout the day. This makes the surfaces more presentable and sanitary for customers.

  • Check foodservice equipment—Perform equipment checks regularly to make sure they’re in working order. Instruct your employees to keep an eye or ear out for visual and auditory cues, and have employees log any strange operational issues that occur so you can stay on top of your equipments’ maintenance.

Foodservice Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist

While each equipment manufacturer will have different recommendations on when and how to clean each unit, it’s important to keep them well maintained for the overall efficiency and safety of  those units. Cleaning your equipment is an easy way to make sure they continue to run smoothly and consistently while preventing common issues from plaguing it. With that in mind, incorporating regular cleaning tasks for your foodservice equipment into your daily checklist will ensure they operate at peak condition day in and day out.

When adding equipment cleaning tasks to your checklist, make sure you take stock of what pieces of equipment you have. Some common types of equipment for many c-stores include:

Check their recommended cleaning schedules so you and your staff can stay on top of their upkeep. For additional food safety and equipment guidance, check out health department regulations for additional tips.

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