What is the Hoodini Ventilation System?

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Blodgett Hoodini Combi Ovens-What is the Hoodini Ventilation System

The Hoodini Ventilation System is an innovative hoodless vent designed specifically for Blodgett Universal Combi Ovens. This technology allows restaurant owners and chefs cook just about anywhere without the threat of smoke, moisture and odor expelling into the oven or in a commercial kitchen.

Some notable features of the Hoodini system include:

  •  No filters required

  • Catalytic converter system

  • Integrated hood

  • No top clearance needed

How Does the Hoodini Ventilation System Work?

The Hoodini Ventilation System incorporates catalytic and condenser systems to help remove smoke, vapors, grease and smells safely and without an exhaust. But how exactly does it utilize these features and actually work?

  1. First the main fan pulls the vapors out of the oven cavity.

  2. The heavy particles will drop towards the drain as the lighter particles are pulled towards the condenser.

  3. The vapor is then drawn over the condenser, and as it is cooled water particles begin to form and drop towards the drain.

  4. Next, the remaining vapor becomes super-heater and it passes through the catalytic converter. The gasses are further reduced to carbon dioxide and water.

  5. From there, the gasses are returned to the oven cavity and the cycle begins again.

What Models is Hoodini Available On?

As mentioned earlier, the Hoodini system is available on Blodgett universal combi ovens, which makes cooking convenient and easy. It’s available on boilerless combi oven models such as:

  • Mini Oven Models:

    • BLCT-6E-H

    • BLCT-10E-H

  • Floor Models:

    • BLCT-61E-H

    • BLCT-101E-H

    • BLCT-62E-H

    • BLCT-102E-H

Should you need further assistance with your Hoodini Ventilation System or cleaning tips for a Blodgett combi oven, Parts Town has you covered. We even have a lengthy library of Blodgett manuals and diagrams for your convenience.

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