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Danfoss Controller Reset

Danfoss Controller Logo - Danfoss Controller Reset

Danfoss manufactures a wide range of controllers that provide universal solutions to heating, cooling and refrigeration. Before programming or re-programming a controller, it can be reset in order to fit the needs of the customer. This reset guide will cover three types of Danfoss controllers and their reset functions: Thermostats, Electronic 2-Channel Programmer for Heating and Hot Water, and ERCs (Electronic Refrigeration Controllers).

How to Make a Full Reset on Heating and Hot Water Programmer

  • Step 1—Press and hold both the +1HR and MAN buttons located on the left-hand side of the controller.
  • Step 2—While holding down the two buttons, press and hold the small RESET button for approximately 3 seconds.
  • Step 3—Let go of only the reset button. The display will now show the current time.
  • Step 4—Release the +1HR and MAN buttons.

You can now reprogram the unit as necessary.

How to Fully Reset a Danfoss Thermostat

  • Step 1—Press the RESET button on the right-hand side of the thermostat controls to fully reset.

You can now reprogram the thermostat as necessary

How to Reset Optyma Plus or Plus INVERTER Condensing Unit Controller

Reset the controller of your Optyma™ Plus or Plus INVERTER condensing unit in a few simple steps

Learn how to reset an Optyma Condensing Unit from our friends at Danfoss.

How to Reset an ERC 213 Controller

  • Step 1—Press and hold the Up and Down arrows on the right-hand side of the display on startup to reset to factory settings.
    • “FAC” will display

Need more assistance repairing or installing a unit? Check out Welbilt Kitchencare for Delfield self help resources.