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Federal Display Case Operating Instructions

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Federal display cases are perfect for not only showcasing your food products, but also keeping them at the right temperature. That’s why they’re so popular in grocery stores, cafeterias, bakeries and convenience stores. They’re also very simple to operate, which makes it easy for anyone on your staff to work them. Below are some operation instructions for your Federal display case to get you started.

This guide is applicable for IMSS60, IMSS84, IMSS120, EIMSS60, EIMSS84, CRR, CRB and CD models. 

Initial Unit Start-Up—IMSS Models

Once you’ve completed all installation procedures, you’ll need to follow these initial start-up instructions before you can load the unit with product:

  • Step 1—Turn the power on at the breaker box, then flip on the power and light switches on the unit.
  • Step 2—Set the temperature dial to a lower, warmer setting, such as “1.” Let the unit cycle through several times, then turn the temperature dial to a mid-range setting. After that, you can adjust the temperature as needed.
  • Step 3—Let your refrigerated unit run for at least 2 hours before you begin to load pre-chilled product into it.


Your Federal model comes with multiple controls that allow you to customize each setting.

  • Power switch—Your unit has a power switch that controls the power to the entire display case. It’s located on the unit’s base, behind a lift-up panel on IMSS models.
  • Light switch—The light switch for the entire unit is located on the unit’s base, behind a lift-up panel by the power switch.
  • Temperature control knob—The temperature can be adjusted by turning the knob counterclockwise for a warmer setting, or clockwise for a colder setting. To turn off the temperature altogether, turn the control knob all the way counterclockwise to the warmer setting.
  • Cooling light (IMSS Series)—This light will turn on to indicate it’s time for the refrigeration to be turned on.
  • Defrost light (IMSS Series)—This light will turn on when the unit is defrosting.
  • Alarm light (IMSS Series)—This light will turn on when there is a problem with the unit, and an authorized service technician should be contacted.

How to Load Food Product Into Case

  • Step 1—Be sure to pre-chill the product before loading it into refrigerated units.
  • Step 2—Check the display deck (IMSS Series models) or display pan (CRR, CRB and CD models) to ensure that it’s firmly in place before loading product. It can become dislodged in shipment, and if it’s not adjusted before loading product, it can block airflow.
  • Step 3—Adjust the shelves accordingly to the size of the food product you’ll be placing inside. If there’s not enough clearance, readjust accordingly.
  • Step 4—When loading in product, make sure you allow a minimum of 2” between the top of the product and the bottom of the shelf. Also, be sure you don’t block the front and rear discharge slots, as this can block the refrigerated air from filling the entire case.
  • Step 5—Each shelf can hold up to 75lbs for IMSS Series models, and 100lbs for CRR, CRB and CD Series models. Distribute heavier products across the shelves to avoid the risk of collapse.

For more insights about your unit, check out our library of Federal manuals and diagrams.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.