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Piezas de enfriador rápido

From condensers and evaporator coils to gaskets and seals, Parts Town keeps all your blast chiller parts stocked and ready to go.

Piezas de enfriador rápido

Commercial Freezer Parts

Whether a malfunctioning controller prevents your freezer from holding temperature or a torn gasket is allowing the cold air to escape, Parts Town has blast chiller parts for replacements and repairs. We stock brand-name parts, such as:

  • Henny Penny blast chiller parts 
  • Manitowoc blast chiller parts 
  • Multiplex blast chiller parts 
  • Delfield blast chiller parts 

When a commercial blast freezer breaks down, time is of the essence. Perishable food items, such as frozen meats, have a time limited time frame in which they can be salvaged. Exceed that window, and you could essentially be throwing thousands of dollars into the trash. 

Parts Town understands that time pressure with any commercial kitchen equipment repair. That’s why we offer same-day shipping on all in-stock blast chiller replacement parts as long as you order before 9 PM ET Monday-Friday. Want to invest in preventative maintenance? Check out our extensive online library of model-specific manuals and diagrams.