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Unique Enthusiasm Required!

We want to make sure every new team member is a perfect fit, so we take the time to find the right people. Because of that, we have a lot of team members that have worked here for 5, 10, 20 and even 30 years! It is our goal to find people who thrive on collaboration, believe in our core values, and are always looking to make a great idea even greater. Let your attitude be infectious…in a good way. No zombies, please.

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 Medal with a red star
Parts Town Pride
We’re glad to be here and it shows. While we keep things chill with a casual dress code and friendly way of doing things, we take the success of our team seriously, making sure to recognize every win.
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Quarterly Profit Sharing
Do you like bonuses? Ooh, we do, too. Based upon company performance, a portion of the profits go back to the team in the form of a quarterly bonus.
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New Opportunities
If you like to try new things, you're in the right place. We love to promote from within and there are many opportunities to step into a new role. If you work really hard, maybe one day you'll be the CEO.
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Volunteer Opportunities
Giving back is important to us and we like to do it often. We build playgrounds and gardens. We will run (or walk) a 5K or two. We supply gifts for families at holiday time. We like to find fun and creative ways to give back to various charities.
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Game Room
Blow off some steam and take part in a little friendly competition in our game room. Is Ping-Pong your game? How ‘bout Foosball Let’s see what you’ve got!
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On-Site Food Market
Eat, drink and be merry without leaving the building! Choose from a variety of refrigerated eats and cool beverages to keep your fuel tank full.
Fitness Dumbbell
We want the whole team to feel happy and healthy, so that’s why we provide an on-site gym, ergonomic desk chairs, standing desks and conference rooms.
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Traditional Benefits
Yep, we even have the standard benefits that are so important to us all. You’ll have access to health insurance, an employee assistance program, a 401k match and of course, time away.


Text: Safety. Please do everything within your power to make sure all safety measures are taken. Keep an eye out for yourself, your teammates and our partners. No cutting corners, no exceptions. Let's be careful out there.
Text: Integrity. Be open, honest and humble Do it the right way, not the easy way. Be supportive and generous to all you encounter, and ensure your words reflect your character Make your mama proud.
Text: Community. All for one, and one for all, that's what we're about. No matter where we work, we share a common goal: serve our customers, cheer for our team and offer a Helping Hand to our neighbors. Through caring, collaboration and celebration, our culture sets us apart while bringing us closer together.
Text:  Passion. Bring your enthusiasm to work every day-it's what fuels our extraordinary success. Let your attitude be a good way. No zombies, please.
Text: Courage. Be brave, bold and true to who you are. Challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday. Resist the urge to settle. Risk failure to reach new heights. Your teammates will catch you if you fall, and they'll follow you when you show them the way.
Text: Innovation Bring your big ideas Champion the new and different. Use your imagination and skills to ensure we are at the forefront of technology and service. We're not saying you should build a friendly Parts Town robot, but if you did, that'd be pretty cool.


Text: What You Do...
Text: Inc.5000
Logo with text: crain's fast 50 2018
logo with text: TOP WORK PLACE 2020. Chicago Tribune

If you don’t have experience in the food-service parts industry, no problem. We like hiring people who have experience in other industries. That way, we can introduce new thoughts and goals into what we do every day.

Feeling Pumped?

Sound like your dream company? Take a look at our current open positions and apply today. We’d love to hear from you. Take a tour of Parts Town, the one place no one ever settles.