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Equipos de cocina

Parts Town has the cooking equipment you need to keep your customers fed and happy.

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Parts Town’s selection of commercial cooking equipment will help you serve up piping-hot food all day long. From microwave ovens to boil water to panini grills to make sandwiches, we have the restaurant cooking equipment you need to prepare food quickly and efficiently. We carry commercial toasters and countertop fryers from well-known brands such as Hamilton Beach and Adcraft, so all of our equipment is top-notch. If you want to impress customers with not only the quality of your food but also the speed of your service, look no further.

What Cooking Equipment Does a Restaurant Need?

In addition to stoves, ovens and ranges, every restaurant also needs countertop cooking equipment to prepare food efficiently. Microwaves are indispensable because they can do everything from boiling water to reheating food, and toasters can make large quantities of toast quickly for the breakfast crowd. It’s hard to make waffles in a frying pan, so commercial waffle makers are essential, too. In the afternoons and evenings your countertop fryers and panini grills come in handy when you have to make fried chicken, french fries and toasted sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Thankfully, Parts Town has an extensive selection of cooking equipment for restaurants so you can satisfy your customers at every meal.