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Electrolux Professional 0C1887 Junta de puerta, 725 Mm X 630 Mm

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Electrolux Professional 0C1887 Pieza de Repuesto

An Electrolux Professional 0C1887 door gasket helps to properly seal the oven door shut, ensuring the interior of the oven stays at the right temperature to thoroughly cook food product.

  • Real OEM door gaskets keep ovens running safely and efficiently without voiding the manufacturer warranty.
  • Fits popular AOS102EAA1, AOS102EAM1 and AOS102EBA1 models (please see FITS MODELS below for a complete list)
  • Color: Black
  • 725mm X 630mm
  • Longitud:
    25.3 pulgadas / 64.26 cm
  • Anchura:
    6.3 pulgadas / 16.00 cm
  • Altura:
    3.5 pulgadas / 8.89 cm
  • Peso:
    1.53 libras / 694 g