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Frymaster 8160729 Manguito, conector de drenaje redondo, 5"

Obsoleto FM8160729 has been replaced by: FM8160772
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Aviso de la Proposición 65

Frymaster 8160729 Pieza de Repuesto

The Frymaster 8160729 Sleeve is part of the drain assembly, helping move old oil and food particles out of the fryer quickly to keep it clean.

  • Real OEM tubes and sleeves help make your equipment safe, efficient and protected under the manufacturer warranty
  • Fits popular 1824G/E, 2424G/E, GL330/430, FMP35/45 and more (see FITS MODELS below for complete list)
  • Round drain connector
  • Length: 5"
  • Replaced by Part No. 8160772FM8160625, FM8160729, FM8160772, FM8160625
  • Longitud:
    5.05 pulgadas / 12.83 cm
  • Anchura:
    3.4 pulgadas / 8.64 cm
  • Altura:
    3.05 pulgadas / 7.75 cm
  • Peso:
    0.25 libras / 113 g