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Piezas de secador de manos

Don’t have the moist handshake. Shop Parts Town hand dryer parts and keep your hands dry.

Piezas de secador de manos

Bathroom Hand Dryers Parts

Any kitchen needs to have the means for hand washing and drying. You cannot be stuck without working hand dryers. Parts Town offers a variety of parts from World Dryer and other manufacturers, such as:

  • Pumps and Motors
  • Thermostats
  • Filters, Screens, Dryers
  • Gaskets and Seals

With Parts Town genuine OEM hand dryer parts, you’re sure to find the part that fits your hand dryers. We have parts to fit your routine maintenance and even large repair needs. You’ll never have to worry again about kitchen staff being able to clean their hands before handling kitchen equipment or food again. 

You can worry even less thanks to Parts Town having the most in-stock hand dryer parts too. You can also access our same day shipping until 9 PM ET Monday-Friday to get your hand dryer parts without the wait. We know how vital it is to have working bathroom hand dryers to run your commercial kitchen and thus Parts Town does what we can to get you the hand dryer parts you need.