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TurboChef 102075 Termostato Hi Limit EGO de 3 polos

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Aviso de la Proposición 65

TurboChef 102075 Pieza de Repuesto

A TurboChef 102075 3-Pole Hi Limit keeps the oven from exceeding its intended temperature, so the unt operates safely and cooks product appropriately.

  • Real OEM hi limits are built and tested for your exact piece of equipment, ensuring it stays safe and efficient
  • Fits popular Bullett, Encore, HHB, HHC, I3/5 and NGC Ovens (see FITS MODELS below for complete list)
  • Features manual reset button
  • Tripping point: 572⁰F (300⁰C)
  • Longitud:
    7 pulgadas / 17.78 cm
  • Anchura:
    5.4 pulgadas / 13.72 cm
  • Altura:
    2.7 pulgadas / 6.86 cm
  • Peso:
    0.365 libras / 166 g