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Real OEM vs. Generic Parts Case Study:

The Burning Question

Putting OEM Parts to the Test:

Evaluating Performance of Genuine OEM Infrared Burners Against Generics

We’ve talked a lot about the safety, reliability, efficiency and warranty protection OEM parts provide. We’ve also shared that OEM parts are tested and guaranteed by the manufacturer to fit and function correctly. Some are still not convinced OEM is the best option, so we decided to put some parts to the test. Partnering with our friends at Hobart Service, we enlisted the help of Frontier Energy to do what they do best (which is science stuff) and share the results.

The Purpose:
Test real OEM parts vs. generic parts
The Engineers:
Frontier Energy
The Equipment:
Vulcan 36" Salamander Gas Infrared Broiler
The Parts:
3 OEM Infrared Burners and 3 non-OEM burners
The Results:
OEM burners burn hotter than non-OEM burners

Frontier Energy is an engineering consulting firm with a long history of testing commercial foodservice equipment and advising manufacturers on equipment design.

Here's The Science, Folks!

Frontier Energy tested Infrared Burners for the Vulcan 36” Salamander Gas Infrared Broiler. The study was conducted as a bench test. A test chamber was built to simulate how the equipment would actually work in real world conditions over the course of four months.

What Happened? Who Won?

After rigorous testing of both OEM and non-OEM burners, many charts were made full of figures and calculations – make sure to check them out. The bottom line is there is a significant difference between OEM and non-OEM parts. The genuine OEM Infrared Burners functioned more consistently, providing even cooking temperatures.

You'll always win with genuine OEM and that's the Real Truth.

See it for yourself when you download the entire study right now.

About Frontier Energy

With a team of 140 talented people in eight offices across the U.S., Frontier Energy has decades of experience in program management, engineering, software and customer engagement. They are committed to a single mission: To provide exceptional programs, services and tools that encourage the intelligent use of energy. For more information,