Hobart Oven Error Codes and What They Mean

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Hobart Oven Error Codes

Commercial kitchens trust Hobart for a wide variety of equipment. Their line of commercial ovens are some of the best in the foodservice industry, cooking everything from meats and veggies to casseroles and breads with ease. Depending on the model, fault codes might appear on the display from time to time. But what do they mean? Below is a quick list of Hobart oven error codes for HEC/HGC convection ovens and CE/CG combi models. Please remember to contact an authorized Hobart technician to remedy the issues being displayed.

HEC & HGC Convection Oven Error Codes

Below are common error codes associated with Hobart HEC and HGC convection ovens:

  • E-01 – High limit error

  • E-02 – Low limit error

  • E-03 – High ambient temperature (above 215°F)

  • E-04 – Low ambient temperature (below 32°F)

  • E-05 – Ignition failure

  • E-06 – Thermocouple probe open

During low ambient temperature (E-04), allow the control to warm up before turning back on. When ignition failure (E-05) displays after three trials, turn the oven off and wait five minutes. Make sure the gas supply valve is open or that there is electrical power supplied to the machine.

CE & CG Combi Oven Error Codes

The following fault codes are found on Hobart CE and CG convection ovens:

Hobart G10FI Gas Combi Oven-Hobart Oven Error Codes

                        G10FI Gas Combi Oven

  • 00 – CPU components overheated

  • 01 – Cavity overheated

  • 02 – Boiler overheated (gas combi only)

  • 03 – Cavity probe fault

  • 04 – Spout probe fault

  • 05 – Condensats probe fault

  • 07 – Core probe fault or probe not connected

  • 08 – Defective fan motor

  • 09 – Lack of water

  • 10 – Power failure for machine elements (electric combi only)

  • 11 – Component power overheat (electric combi only)

  • 12 – Boiler heating defect (gas combi only)

  • 13 – Burner defect for upper 20 level (gas combi only)

  • 14 – Burner defect for lower 20 level (gas combi only)

  • 16 – Grounded temperature probe

Need more tips maintaining or troubleshooting a Hobart oven? Check out our selection of Hobart manuals for additional help and instructions.

Please contact a local authorized Hobart service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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