Scotsman Ice Machine Error Codes

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Scotsman Ice Machine Error Codes-Melted Cube

Scotsman makes ice for a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities and other industries. While these machines are built to stand the test of time, an issue might pop up here and there. When you’re troubleshooting a Scotsman machine, you’ll notice that some models display diagnostic codes or lights to notify you when something is wrong.

But what do they mean? Below are Scotsman ice machine error codes to help diagnose the problem quickly.

Diagnostic Codes for Prodigy Modular Cubers

Below are diagnostic codes for Scotsman Prodigy modular cubers, including C0322, C0522, C0722, C0330, C0530, C0630, C0830, C01030, C01448, C01848 and C02148 models .

Diagnostic Codes

  • 1 – Long freeze time. Shutting down.

  • 1 (flashing) – Retrying long freeze cycle.

  • 2 – Long harvest time. Shutting down.

  • 2 (flashing) – Retrying long harvest cycle.

  • 3 – Water filling slowly.

  • 4 – High discharging temperature.

  • 5 – Failed sump temp sensor.

  • 7 – Failed discharge temp sensor.

  • 8 – Thin ice from short freeze cycle.

  • 8 (flashing) – Retrying short freeze cycle.

Standard Display Codes

  • F – Freeze cycle

  • F (flashing) – Pending freeze cycle

  • H – Harvest cycle

  • b – Bin is full

  • C – Clean cycle

  • L – Board locked

  • d – Test mode

  • O – Off

  • E – Failed self test

Diagnostic Codes for Prodigy Flaked & Nugget Machines

Below are diagnostic codes for Scotsman Prodigy flaked and nugget ice machines, including F0522, C0822, F1222, F1522, N0422, N0622, N0922 and N1322 models.

Diagnostic Codes

  • 1 – No ice sensed. Shutting down.

  • 1 (flashing) – No ice sensed. Retrying.

  • 2 – Auger motor high load. Shutting down.

  • 2 (flashing) – Auger motor high load. Retrying.

  • 3 – No water in reservoir.

  • 4 – Refrigeration pressure too high or low.

Diagnostic Lights for AutoIQ™ Cubers

Below are diagnostic codes for Scotsman AutoIQ™ cubers, including CME256, CME506, CME656 and CME806 models.

Water Diagnostic Light On or Blinking

This occurs with the unit off.

  • Faulty water inlet valve

  • Faulty water pump

  • Water level too low or not sensed

Refrigeration Diagnostic Light On or Blinking

This occurs with the unit off.

  • Long freezing cycle or low discharge

  • Harvest problem

  • Exceeding long harvest time

  • Not harvesting and exceeding maximum freezing time

  • Failed hot gas valve

  • High discharging temperature

Refrigeration & Water Diagnostic Light On

This occurs with the unit on.

  • Temperature sensors aren’t in range

  • Incorrect reservoir temperature (only one of the lights will be on)

Refrigeration Light On or Blinks 3 Times & Repeats

This occurs when the fan motor doesn’t turn.

  • Motor windings are open or bearings are held

  • No power to fan motor

Need more diagnostic help with an ice machine? Check out our library of Scotsman manuals for tips and information.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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