Why is Your Hoshizaki Ice Maker Beeping?

/ Restaurant Equipment / September 20

Go ahead, open a new tab and head over to Google. Start typing “hoshizaki ice maker” and you’ll notice that one of the top suggestions is “hoshizaki ice maker beeping”. Turns out many ice maker owners out there must be curious about what could be causing that beeping noise in their kitchen!

There are several reasons why a Hoshizaki ice maker might beep – let’s look at them one by one.

1. High Temperature Safety Warning

Hoshizaki ice makers have a function built in to prevent the unit from damage due to excessively high temperatures. If the temperature threshold is reached, the control board will beep every 3 seconds. There is a reset button on the board that must be pressed (with the power on) to reset this safety warning.

2. Incorrect Supply Voltage

Hoshizaki ice makers have a maximum allowable supply voltage. If this voltage is exceeded, the High Voltage Cut-out feature shuts down the circuit and the machine stops. The control board will let you know this happened by beeping seven times every three seconds. For low voltage situations, there will be six beeps every three seconds.

3. Defrost Backup Timer

Two beeps every 30 seconds is the Defrost Back Up timer. Check for open thermistor, HGV not opening, TXV leaking by, low charge, or an inefficient compressor.

4. Freeze Back Up Timer

Three beeps every three seconds is the Freeze Back Up Timer. Check for F/S stuck closed (up), WV leaking by, HGV leaking by, TXV not feeding properly, low charge, or inefficient compressor. To manually reset the above safeties, depress the white alarm reset button with the power supply ON.

Hoshizaki Ice Maker Repair

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