Why is Your Hoshizaki Ice Maker Beeping?

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Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping

From restaurants and movie theaters to hospitals and schools, ice is vital to keeping any commercial kitchen running. Hoshizaki is one of the mainstays in ice making, manufacturing a wide variety of models that create different cubes or special shapes. So when you hear your Hoshizaki ice machine beeping, there certainly is reason to pause.

But fear not! These machines have several audible beep patterns associated with specific issues, meaning you can easily identify the problem at a moment’s notice. In certain cases, the problems are even easy to resolve on your own.

Here are some common reasons why you might hear your Hoshizaki ice maker beeping.

Why is Your Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping

One Beep

Common diagnosis – High temperature safety warning

What’s causing the problem? – A Hoshizaki ice maker typically has a built-in function that prevents the unit from damage due to excessively high temperatures.  The machine will shut down when the thermistor hits 127 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frequent issues:

  • Hot water in the unit

  • A shorted thermistor

  • Hot gas valve (HGV) complication

  • Control board relay issue

Two Beeps

Common diagnosis – Long harvest cycle

What’s causing the problem? – A machine’s harvest cycle begins when ice is ejected from its ice mold. The control board has a defrost backup safety timer that protects from long harvesting. This alarm is warning you that that machine ran consecutive 20-minute harvest cycles, resulting in a two beeps and an orange LED marked “20 min.”

Frequent issues:

Three Beeps

Common diagnosis – Long freeze cycle

What’s causing the problem? – An ice maker’s freeze cycle begins after water is filled in the ice mold and ends when the water is frozen. The control board will shut down if, consecutively, the float switch doesn’t open to begin the harvest cycle in 60 minutes. A yellow LED will light up with “60 min,” kicking in the freeze backup timer.

Frequent issues:

  • Float switch is closed (up position)

  • HGV leaking

  • Water inlet valve is open or leaking

  • Low charge

  • Compressor defect

Four or Five Beeps

Common diagnosis – Circuit issues on mechanical bin sensor

Hoshizaki KM-500MAH Ice Machine

              Hoshizaki KM-500MAH

What’s causing the problem? – This issue exists on older Hoshizaki models featuring a mechanical bin control. The four-beep alarm sounds when the bin control’s K-4 connector has a short circuit. If five beeps occur, then the bin control’s K-4 connector has an open circuit.

Associated models:

  • KM-280

  • KM-500

  • KM-630

  • KM-900

Six or Seven Beeps

Common diagnosis – Incorrect voltage supply

What’s causing the problems? – When voltage dips below 92 volts +/- 5 percent, the unit will sound a six-beep alarm and the control board automatically will shut down. The machine will restart once the correct voltage is restored. When voltage exceeds 147 volts +/- 5 percent, a seven-beep alarm will sound and shut down the unit.

Frequent issues:

  • Voltage surge

  • Improper wiring or installation

  • “High” or “stinger” leg connected to wrong wire

Eight Beeps

Common diagnosis – De-energized gear motor relay

What’s causing the problems? – If the white/orange wires on the control board’s K9 connector, it causes the gear motor relay to de-energize. This then causes the compressor relay to not energize, forcing the machine to shut down both the compressor and gear motor relays. Turning the unit on and off will manually reset the issue.

Nine Beeps

Common diagnosis – Bin control check

What’s causing the problems? – This alarm will sound at the risk of an overfilling ice storage bin. When the mechanical bin control indicates that the storage bin is full, the proximity switch opens and the control board shuts down the machine. Turning the machine on and off will manually reset the problem.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Repair and Reset

The reset button on a Hoshizaki ice maker typically is located on the ice maker’s control board next to a yellow and orange light. With the power on, press the button while the board is beeping. The machine should begin the startup process.

Check out Parts Town’s large selection of Hoshizaki ice maker repair manuals and parts lists to help you identify any additional problem or troubleshooting tips.

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