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Merrychef eikon Oven Accessories Maintenance Tips

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No matter which model or series you choose from the Merrychef eikon oven line, you’ll know how valuable and useful these units are in your commercial kitchen. Since the eikon® ovens often see regular use, it’s important that they’re regularly cleaned and maintained—especially the accessories that are specially designed for these ovens. Just like the unit itself, the accessories can also experience wear and tear if not properly taken care of, so to ensure the cleanliness and longevity of these items, they need some TLC, too.

Below are some important maintenance and cleaning tips for your Merrychef eikon oven accessories to help keep them safe, usable and clean. When properly maintained, these tips will also ensure the longevity and safety of the ovens themselves. 

Daily Cook Plate Inspection

The cook plate of your eikon oven should be inspected and cleaned each day. When not taken care of, the feet of the cook plate can erode over time and cause issues. Additionally, grease and carbon build-up can damage the feet of the cook plate if not consistently cleaned, causing damage to the oven’s cavity. 

To prevent damage to your eikon oven, follow the recommended daily cleaning procedure as outlined in your specific eikon model’s manual. Also be sure to inspect the condition of the cook plate, and do not use oven protector on it.

Proper Use of Protector Fluid

Improper use of any oven protector can negatively affect the oven’s operation. This is especially the case with protector fluid for eikon e2 ovens. Protector fluid must be applied correctly and allowed to cure before cooking, otherwise it can cause premature failure to the oven, and excessive damage to the cook plate and other accessories.

How to Properly Apply Merrychef Oven Protector

  • Step 1 – Spray the protector fluid onto a clean cloth/sponge. You do not need much; one spray to wipe both sides of the cavity, and another spray for the door choke and base.
    • NOTE: Do not spray the protector fluid directly into the cavity.
  • Step 2 –Wipe the metal cavity surfaces lightly, including the door choke.
    • NOTE: Do not use the protector fluid on the cavity roof/impinger plate, door gasket, or cook plate. 
  • Step 3 – Restore power to the oven and heat it to cure the protector fluid.
  • Step 4 – Replace the cleaned, dry cook plate into the oven cavity.

Once you’ve completed these steps, the oven is ready to cook.

Caring for Merrychef eikon Oven Cooking Accessories

Along with the cook plate, additional eikon oven accessories also need to be well-maintained, like the baskets and Teflon sheets. These can accumulate debris and slight wear & tear over time, so it’s important that they are inspected and cleaned multiple times per day. Here are some things to keep in mind about maintaining these additional accessories:

  • Do not cut food directly on cooking accessories.
  • Rotate out your cooking accessories throughout the workshift. This ensures they are kept clean, and free of debris, grease and carbon. The recommended rotation schedule is replaced after the fourth cooking cycle has completed.
  • Clean baskets that receive heavy usage after every cooking cycle, especially if they are used to cook greasy foods. 
    • If your baskets are burnt, discontinue usage. 
  • Teflon sheets should not be used if visible signs of wear and damage are present. Discard and replace when this occurs. 

As with any accessory, discontinue use if they are heavily damaged or worn and replace.

For more maintenance and troubleshooting tips, be sure to refer to our extensive library of Merrychef eikon oven manuals or contact your certified Merrychef service technician for additional support. 

Please contact a factory authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.