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Anets Serial Number Lookup

Anets Serial Number Lookup

Having trouble with your unit or need to find a compatible replacement part? Knowing how to identify your appliance’s serial number is essential if you want to find the right information and parts. Below you can learn more about Anets serial number lookup and what those serial numbers mean. 

Manufactured Before 1997

Serial numbers for appliances manufactured before 1997 will start with a set of 5 randomized digits. These will help identify your unit. The last 2 digits represent the production year. So if the unit was manufactured in 1978 the digits would be ‘78’. 

Manufactured Between 1997-October 2009

For Anets units manufactured between 1997 and October 2009, the serial number will just have 5 randomized digits. This one is easy to mistake for units manufactured before 1997, but checking that it doesn’t have an extra 2 production year digits on the end helps to differentiate the two. 

Manufactured From November 2009-Present

Anets serial numbers for units manufactured from November 2009 to the present are very different from the previous years. The first digit will be a letter that identifies the type of fryer it is:

  • G - Gas
  • E - Electric
  • F - Filters

The next two digits will be the production year of the unit. If the unit was manufactured in 2011, the digits will say ‘11’. After that, the next digit is a letter that represents the month the unit was manufactured.

  • A - January
  • B - February
  • C - March
  • D - April
  • E - May
  • F - June
  • G - July
  • H - August
  • I - September
  • J - October
  • K - November
  • L - December

After that will be another letter. That will represent the production week code.

  • A - 1st week
  • B - 2nd week
  • C - 3rd week
  • D - 4th week

The final digits after that will be sequential digits. These will help you identify your specific unit, making it easier to get the help you need. 

For more information on your Anets unit, check out our collection of manuals and diagrams

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.