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Bakers Pride Charbroiler Troubleshooting

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When your Bakers Pride unit is down for the count, you want to get it back up and running in no time at all. Charbroilers tend to have a few common issues that are easy to fix as long as you know what to look for. This guide covers Bakers Pride charbroiler troubleshooting to help you get your unit back in pristine condition.

Bakers Pride Charbroiler Troubleshooting Char


Possible Cause


Pilot light and burners not turning on

  • Main gas supply is turned off
  • Turn on the main gas supply

Burners are producing excessive carbon deposits

  • The wrong type of gas is used
  • The gas pressure is incorrect
  • Incorrect orifices were used
  • The primary air supply isn’t properly adjusted
  • Use the right type of gas
  • Call the local gas supplier
  • Call a Bakers Pride authorized service center
  • Adjust the air shutter

Pilot light won’t stay lit

  • The pilot flame was adjusted incorrectly
  • There’s a draft
  • There’s improper ventilation
  • Adjust the pilot flame
  • Remove the draft
  • Call a certified service technician

Excessive flare-up

  • The unit has been overloaded with fatty meat
  • Add water to the grease pan

Broiler isn’t hot enough

  • The orifices are dirty or clogged
  • The gas pressure is too low
  • The top grates are clogged or dirty
  • The ventilation is too strong so the heat is being sucked from the broiling surface
  • Cool down the unit, then check and clean the orifices
  • Increase the gas pressure to the recommended specifications
  • Cool the unit and check and clean the top grates
  • Call a certified service technician

Grates/radiants/burners/gas valves are warped

  • Improper cleaning methods have been used
  • Don’t “burn-off” top grates. The firebox will overheat excessively

If you’re in need of more troubleshooting tips or cleaning instructions, check out our Bakers Pride manuals and diagrams.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.