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How to Resolve the “HA” Error Code on Perlick Bar Coolers

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Perlick Logo - How to resolve the "HA" error code on Perlick bar coolers

Perlick is known for its bar refrigerators that keep wine, beer, and other drinks cool and at the ready. 

Sometimes, though, things go awry and the “HA” error code appears. “HA” is the unit’s code to indicate a temperature excursion within the cooling compartment where beverages are stored. 

When the temperature exceeds the preset threshold for 30 minutes, the “HA” code appears. Higher than desired temperatures can be caused by a variety of things. First, and simplest, loading warm products into a cooler can elevate temperatures inside the cooling compartment. In this case, wait 24 hours for the product to chill and recheck the temperature. 

Also, consider moving larger items stored inside the cooler to ensure none are blocking the incoming cool air. Check the air temperature around the unit. If the ambient air temperature is hot or recently has changed dramatically, the temperature of the cooling compartment may be affected. This could happen if the cooler is near a heating vent or other equipment that is exhausting hot air onto the unit, or if it is installed in a sunny location. Notably, it also can occur when ambient temperatures drop significantly, upsetting the temperature probes and causing the HA light to blink. Also, notice how often the door to the unit is opened. Frequent or prolonged opening reduces cooling. If none of those issues are evident, look at the unit itself. 

Ask: Does the door close completely? Check the door gasket seal. Place a dollar bill between the seal and the unit. When you withdraw it, there should be a slight drag. Do this all along the entire seal. If it slips out without that pull, either replace the gasket or try to remagnetize the seal. Are the door tracks clean? Wipe off debris and dirt, and periodically lubricate the tracks for a smooth seal. Has frost built up on the rear of the unit? If so, the door probably has been left open for an extended time, causing the moisture to adhere to the evaporative coil and preventing cool air from flowing easily into the cooling compartment. 

Unplug the unit for 24 to 36 hours as it defrosts. Afterward, turn it back on and check the temperature inside the cooler two hours later. Is the thermostat set properly? Perlick’s units are set for an internal temperature of about 36°F. (The ideal temperature for draft beer, according to Perlick, is 36° to 38°F.) Use the set button on digital thermostat to reset the temperature. Is the condenser clean? If not, brush it off. It should be cleaned every three months with a soft bristle brush and vacuum to remove dust and lint. Is the louvered plate clear of obstruction? This can cause heat to build up inside the unit. Does the interior light turn off when the door is closed? The LED light in the upper front of the unit turns on with a rocker switch. For the commercial back bar sliding door SDB and SDP series, the switch is just behind the LED on the inside of the frame, on the same side as the compressor. Test what happens when the switch is depressed. The tips here are valid for Perlick refrigerators but also apply to virtually any refrigerator when the cooling compartment isn’t cool.