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Installing a Manitowoc S-Series Ice Machine


Today at the Parts Town blog, we’re going to look at the Manitowoc S-Series Ice Machines. Like any ice machine, routine maintenance and careful cleaning can help greatly extend the life of your machine. A long, productive life for your machine starts with the proper installation. Let’s walk through the best ways to install a Manitowoc S-Series Ice Machine, like the SD0322A or SY1894N.

Locating the Ice Machine

The first step to an efficient ice machine is an efficient location. You must place your Manitowoc S-Series machine in an area that is:

  • Free of airborne contaminants
  • The temperature is between 35 and 110 degrees
  • Away from heat-generating equipment and direct sunlight
  • Where there is no obstruction of air flow

The temperature requirement is important to remember – your machine warrant likely does not cover damages caused by exposure to sub-freezing temperatures.

Leveling the Ice Machine

To level your machine, you follow several simple steps:

  • Remove threaded plug from drain
  • Screw the legs into the bottom of the bin
  • Screw the foot of the legs in as far as possible
  • Move the bin to final position
  • Level the bin to assure door closes and seals.
  • Inspect bin gaskets to make sure they are not damaged
  • Remove the panels from the machine before lifting and installing on the bin

Hooking Up Power

As usual with restaurant equipment, you need to make sure that your machine is hooked to the proper voltage. You can find service manuals for your Manitowoc ice machine here at Parts Town – these will list the proper voltage for your specific model.

The following are universal precautions for Manitowoc machines:

  • The machine must be grounded
  • A separate fuse/breaker must be provided for each installed machine
  • A qualified electrician should determine proper size based on location and materials
  • The maximum allowed voltage variation is +/- 10 of the rated voltage at start up
  • You must check all green ground screws in the control box to verify they are tight before starting the ice machine

Water Supply & Drain Requirements

Your local water conditions may require that water be treated before use in the ice machine, to prevent scale and sediment buildup. Other important things to remember:

  • Do not connect the machine to a hot water supply
  • If water pressure exceeds 80 psi, obtain a water pressure regulator
  • Install a shut-off valve for the ice maker and condenser
  • Insulate the water lines to help prevent condensation
  • Drain lines must have a 1.5 inch drop per five feet of run
  • The floor drain must be large enough to accommodate drainage

Your specific model may have more special instructions – consult the manual for each machine to be sure.


Your new Manitowoc S-Series ice machine is almost ready to run. Consult your manual for more instructions on getting started with your specific machine. Keep checking Parts Town for more info on how to care for your restaurant equipment!